Penny & Sparrow w/Joy Oladokun

Advance General Admission tickets are $26
Day Of  General Admission $32
VIP Experience - $42 (this is an add on - YOU MUST HAVE A TICKET FIRST)

Penny & Sparrow VIP Experience  includes: 
• Access to the Pre-Show & Private Acoustic Performance with Penny & Sparrow • Access to the Pre-Show Q&A Session with Penny & Sparrow • One Photo Opportunity with Penny & Sparrow • Crowd Free Merchandise Shopping* • 15% off Merchandise at Merch Booth • First Entry Into The Venue* *when and where available* If you have space for legal language, please us the following: Thank you for purchasing a Penny & Sparrow VIP Package. You will be contacted by Wonderful Union via email 24-48 hours before your event with further instructions regarding your package. All packages are nontransferable. If you have specific questions surrounding your package elements, please contact or call 1-844-WNDRFUL. For questions regarding the ticket portion of your purchase, please contact

There are things that we ought to be afraid of. Things that, rightfully, send cold sweat nightmares. For kids it can be anything from the darkness under a bed, or strangers, or crossing a busy street. For adults it might change face a bit and become things like sickness, job security, or heartbreak. And sometimes, when you point the flashlight right at the thing you’re terrified of, you declaw it. You take its mask off and it returns to being an empty, boring closet with nothing inside to harm you. Or maybe the light shows an unexpected beauty in the place of what you thought was horrific. Other times, though, you aim the beam straight into the pitch black and the thing that you prayed wasn’t real, the one with all the teeth, is right there smiling at you.

Joy Oladokun
After gaining traction from her song “No Turning Back,” which was featured in Warner Brothers recording artist Ciara’s birth announcement video, the song went viral and Joy Oladokun’s voice was no longer a secret. Since then, Joy has performed at notable festivals including Threshold Festival & SoulFest in Liverpool. Joy was also recently invited to perform at an intimate event honoring Bill Withers, with him in attendance. Her previous releases have gained 1 million overall streams on Spotify, and been featured on notable playlists such as "Fresh Finds." Although raised in a small farming town in Arizona, Joy Oladokun comes from a first generation Nigerian family. In Nigerian culture, the parents wait eight days to name the child, and the name is based on qualities they want them to possess. Olubukola, Joy’s first name, means “one more blessing” - and Joy, her middle name, is self explanatory. Her parents knew from the beginning that she was musically gifted, and perhaps that is why her fans do, in fact, feel joy when listening to her music. Her eclectic style doesn’t take away from her mature and authentic lyricism. When Joy writes and sings, you hear the voice of someone who has lived the song and is willing to re-live it again and again every time she performs it. “Sober”, Joy’s first single off of her upcoming project, was written about sobering up emotionally and physically after wasting too much time on the wrong person. Joy wanted to pay homage to her Motown influences by writing something lyrically vulnerable that still makes you want to dance. Her last name, Oladokun, means “one with limitless authority”. While other artists will continue to follow the same path, Joy will create her own path by marching to the beat of her own drum and pave the way for the next generation of music.
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