The Babys

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The Babys -
Best known for their chart topping radio hits "Every Time I Think of You," "Midnight Rendezvous," "Back On My Feet Again," "Turn and Walk Away," and "Isn't It Time,"  co-founders Tony Brock (drums) and Wally Stocker (lead guitar, vocals) are joined by John Bisaha (vocals, bass), Joey Sykes, keyboardist Louis Middleton and The Babettes: Holly Bisaha and Elisa Chadbourne in a show that's been pleasing fans globally for decades.  

Born in 1976, THE BABYS took on the classic rock world head first with a full stage musical experience, giving rise to what quickly came to be known as their 'signature sound'. Billboard chart-climbers like "Every Time I Think of You", "Midnight Rendezvous" and "Isn't It Time" helped to launch them into worldwide recognition while also helping to carve out their permanent place in music history. THE BABYS were the first band ever signed to a million dollar record deal with Chrysalis Records on the basis of a 'new' thing called 'video'. THE BABYS classic songs have withstood the test of time - with their hits still being played in rotation around the globe, and influencing bands of 'the day' and emerging artists respectively. Rock radio DJ/music enthusiast Paul Nicholls of Feel the Steel on Platinum Rock Radio UK echoed that sentiment during his interview with THE BABYS in August 2016, stating, "Without The Babys being around, music in the 80's would've been a lot different."

After a successful run from 1976-1981, THE BABYS disbanded, but are thrilled to be back after a three decade absence! Co-founders Tony Brock (drums) and Wally Stocker (lead guitar) launched a nationwide talent search at the end of 2012 to find the right lead vocalist, additional guitarist, keyboardist and iconic Babettes to capture and complete the full richest of the classic sound of THE BABYS, which they found in lead vocalist/bassist John Bisaha, guitarist Joey Sykes, keyboardist Louis Middleton and The Babettes; Holly Bisaha and Elisa Chadbourne. Previous keyboardists have included Francesco Saglietti and Brian Johnson.

In 2014, the new BABYS released the album I'll Have Some of That!, which included 14 tracks blending the classic rock BABYS sound with a modern signature that has been critically-acclaimed by both the music industry and fans alike.  Fans may continue to purchase their copy of I'll Have Some of That! by clicking here.

In January 2015, THE BABYS released their first official video to coincide with the single debut for "I See You There", which went on to peak at #5 on Billboard's Hot Single Sales, and #6 on the AC Top 40 Chart.
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