The Cleverlys

General Admission - $22.00
Gold Section - $32.00
ticket prices increase by $5 on day of show (if available)

The Cleverlys

We are a family Bluegrass band from a remote thicket of Stone County Arkansas.
We hope you enjoy our GrassHipPop Fusion music!
Vernon Dean “ VD “ Cleverly is my oldest brother. He left home as a teenager, didn’t leave momma a note or nothing, and run off with a bunch of “ long hairs “ called the Rainbow Family. He ate dirt and roots, run around naked wearin nothing but his banjo and a cowboy hat. He finally moved back home with his wife T Fairy and his sons J Zone, K Bush, and R Bird. They now live in a TP behind Grand Mommy’s old house, and make dream catchers out of cat hair. He plays banjo, guitar, jaw-bone and sangs the low harmonies.

Munk is our youngest brother. You might remember him from being the power forward on Unites States Olympic Donkey Basketball team, till he bit his tongue off during a game. His name was Mark till he bit that tongue off. Now its…Munk.  Munk plays Mando, and bout anything with strings on it. He sangs the best harmonies in the family, guess its cause of that new bionic tongue.

Ricky Lloyd is our sister Delva’s boy. He goes by Lloyd, the first L is silent. He loves nature, and chemical dumps. He loves to give back, in fact, he wants me to tell you about his charitable exploits. He wants to invite you all to his annual benefit squirrel hunt to raise money for save the whales. Y’all come out to Cleverly Mountain, second week of October, and for three days we kill the crap outta every squirrel we see! We donate a dollar fifteen to Save the Whale for every mutilated tree rat, then we eat em. So have a heart…kill a squirrel and save a whale. Lloyd plays Bass, phonograph sound machine, and is our spoken word expert. He is huge in the Amish Rave Scene.

I am Digger Cleverly Sr. I have two boys, Digger Jr, and Digger Jr.Jr.. I hate to name drop, but I have played music with everyone from Terk Blitzer to Diamond Cherry. You might remember my #89 hit record “ Dry Huntch “ from Stabbin Cabin records. I also wrote “ Good thang you got two “ for the Rickets, and toured all over the county with them for three solid days back in the 80’s. I took over my daddy’s band the Cleverly Trio, which was founded by him and his four brothers. I decided to really make something out of the group. I play Guitar and do most of the lead sangin.
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